Monday, November 12, 2018

How to be a good citizen

In this blogpost I will be writing down my opinions on how ways of being a good citizen.

The number one most important way of being a good citizen is to have a goal in life that will help the world. It could be anything, as long as it only is good. It could be for example fighting for a better government, or doing a job. Anything, because just being part of the community around you makes you a better citizen. Some other important things to do is to help people who need help. even if you do not know the person your helping. It could be helping in any way, like changing their tire or even just having a talk with the person making their day a little better.

Leonardo DiCaprio

A great example of a good citizen is Leonardo di Caprio. He made many people rethink how they act in their normal day because he fought for climate change. People that have watched his documentary probably got strong feelings about it, and might change the way they live. What he accomplished is great, because he helps the world becoming a better place by making people aware of what is happening to the earth. 


Its even just these small thing that people barely even notice that can make a big change. Like doing volunteering, it could even be any kind of volunteering. That includes helping people for free, which is a great thing to do. That makes you a better citizen, by being a part of the society.  

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