Monday, September 24, 2018

Learning techniques 

Today we learned how to learn the best and be effective and progressive. We learned about learning techniques and what to spend your time on to be the most effective. The Pomodoro technique is a popular technique that we learned about, which we also tried out. It goes like this: Turn off distractions, work for 25 minutes, take a break for 5 minutes. If you still have work you need to do, continue the process. When you have done this three times, take a break for 30 minutes, then come back and repeat the process. 
I personally think it was a cool technique, and I learned a lot about how to spend my time wisely and found it helpful.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Is media telling the truth about disasters?

In English class we got a task that was to write a critical article about natural disasters that is happening in America right now and if media is telling us everything about casualties. 
Is media hiding casualties that happened in the storm "Florence". It's only a couple of tens of people that media confirms that died in the storm. I do not think this is right. Either they know about more people that died, or if they don't, I think there are more casualties. I think they don't want people to know that so many people are dying, and the government is manipulating the people to not say anything in media. 
Last year president Trump said that the storm that hit Puerto Rico was not a problem and that he and his men were as ready for the storm as they possibly could be. After the storm he was happy with himself and the good job they did, even though at least 3000 people died due to the storm. That is not something you can be proud of and say that you did a great job. I think Trump is wrong. Here you can see something he said after the storm: “I think that Puerto Rico was an incredible, unsung success.”

Monday, September 10, 2018

What I learned today about how to have a good conversation

Today in English class we learned how to have a proper good conversation and how to be a good listener. We also watched a short video with 10 points on how to have a good conversation. 
I learned a lot about how to be a good listener and learned things that could be useful in the future. Something else I realize was that people really appreciate small things like that you show that you see them, and respect what they have to say. It was a helpful and great English lesson, where we not only learned English but also other things.

Sunday, September 9, 2018


This post will be about converations.
Conversations are when two or more people communicate. You often talk about something you're interested in, or likes to talk about. You usually have more conversations daily. A conversation shold have a nice flow.

Monday, September 3, 2018

My first impressions after reading

I thought that before reading the book, it seemed interesting, and when I started reading I noticed that the book was written in a special and unusual way. It was kind of like a diary but at the same time a novel. The book was even better than what I thought it was going to be and caught me. It made me not want to stop reading because I wanted to see what happened next.
Therefore I think that the author was really good and aware of every sentence he wrote. It seems like a great book to me and I look forward to finishing reading it.
Bilderesultat for sherman alexie book
Which book did I choose?

Today we got the opportunity to choose a book to read. We could choose between two books, one by Nich Hornby, and one by Sherman Alexie. We watched a short video about an interview with Sherman, and then read a review about Nicks book. Nicks book is called about a boy, while Shermans book is called a part-time Indian.
I chose to read the book written by Sherman because it seems like the most interesting book to me. After watching the interview with him, he sounded like a person with a lot of knowledge and wisdom, so I thought his book would be the most interesting to read. The part-time Indian concept also seem quite interesting. I am very excited to start reading the book.

The American embassy In class today we had a visitor from the American embassy. He had a presentation on a variety of different topics. H...