mandag 12. november 2018

Three topics to write about

Edward Snowden

The name above belongs to a man who is a whistleblower. More specific he was an IT-genius, born in 1983. He once told the world about what the NSA (National Security Agent) was doing. After this, he had to leave the U.S and is now living in Russia.

The South African miner's protest

When miners went on strike in 2014, their income was raised by a little more than a pound a day. Some years after, their income is still the same, and the conditions in the mines have changed significantly.  

The standing rock in North-Dakota

In autumn 2016, some Native Americans protested against the "North Dakota Pipeline". They were afraid they would not get clean water because of this problem. The consequences of them not having clean water could be brutal. After this the NDP respected them and did not build pipes. It's today known by the hastag #NODAPL. The pipeline was going to be over 1000 miles long, stretching from the Northern states to Mississippi.

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