Monday, August 27, 2018

Sandvika skole: English expectations

I don't really have any expectations for this semester, but the only thing I expect from English class is just to learn more English and get a wider vocabulary. Other than that I just hope that we will have fun while we learn and I look forward to learning at this school.


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The story of my phones

Story of my phones

Last weekend i bought a new phone. The last few months I have had a lot of problems with my last one. It was an iphone 6, which I had for about 3-4 years. It used to be working totally fine, until about a year ago, when the phone was bent and the screen cracked.

After about a week the touch screen stopped working. Then I had no other choice than to switch the screen. I ordered a cheep screen from and it took about a month before it arrived. In the mean while i was struggeling with my messed up screen, and was happy when I got my new one. I had to bend my phone back to normal in order to replaced the screen properly, but I managed to do it and for only 150 krones I had a new working screen.

Then it was working for a few months before I got problems with that screen too. It seemed that when I replaced the screen last time, I switched the place of two different screws by accident when I assembled it, and the one that was a little longer than the other one made a little hole into the screen from the inside. It cracked exactly at that point where the screw was, and I was thinking of buying another screen. But I waited for a little because the phone was still working, and I did not want to spend even more money on it yet. But unfortunately it was getting worse, and a day it stopped working.
Then, I had to order yet another screen, but this time I ordered one that was a little more expensive because I wanted one with good quality this time. But since with free shipping from China, it often takes up to two months for the screen to arrive, so I decided to fix my phone temporarily.
So I took my old screen that still worked, and assembled it to the phone again, and saw that it worked since now that the phone was not bent anymore, the touch still worked. So in the meantime, it worked just fine, even though it was cracked.

After 1 month the screen arrived, and I thought that since this time I spent 300 krones on the screen it should be better quality, even though it was from a random Chinese factory. So I assembled it again, and managed to screw the right screws to the right places, it worked fine for a little period of time. But unfortunately, about a month or two later, the screen started to blink. I Thought that it might just be temporary, and ignored it because I thought that the screen was all good since I spent 300 krones on it. But one day it got to the point that it melted.

So what I think happened is that the screen was made so poorly that it required more power than the battery could serve, and it got to the point where the battery melted, and the whole phone died. Then I had to be using an old doro phone for 1 month... I promise that I will never do that again it was the worst. But about a week after school started I was tired of the old bad phones, and just bought an Iphone 7. And that was one of the best decisions of my life.

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