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My reading of The absolute story true diary of a part-time Indian.


I think that the main theme in the book is Friendship, love, and decisions.
In the book about a part-time Indian, the main character in the book was an Indian boy that was different. He also had a brain damage caused by water in his head. Therefore, he was bullied by other children in the reservation where he lived alongside with a lot of other Indians. Later on, he left his best friend behind along with many others and started a new part life at a normal school. He found his place there. At page 217 he realizes who he really is, and he realized that he can be who he wants, if he only follows his dreams, and complete them. He found his rightful place in the world and liked it. 

Here is whats written where he decides who he really is: 
"I wept and wept because I knew I was never going to drink and because I was never going to kill myself and because I was going to have a better life out in the white world."
The boy never gave up because he knew that things always get better. He only needed to follow his dreams, and let go of the old things. 


The setting in the book was a boy who struggled to find the right place in the world. He decided to leave his school and start a new part life at a new school. Everything changed afterward. 
Here is what is written in the book where he tells his best friend that he is leaving: 
""Rowdy," I said. "I am going to Reardan tomorrow." For the first time he saw that I was serious, but he didn't want me to be serious. "You'll never do it," he said. "You're too scared." "I'm going," I said. "No way, you're a wuss." "I'm doing it.""' 
Even though he knew that rowdy and everyone else would not like him leaving the reservation, and in fact most likely not even accept it, he left, because that was following his dreams. 


The main plots in the book were the boy in the reservation that was best friends with his friend Rowdy. They enjoyed hanging out together, but the boy still felt like something was wrong. He wanted to do something in his life, while the others in the reservation wanted to stay in the reservation like everyone else and act like all the other people in the reservation. 
""You'll be the first to leave the rez this way," Mom said. "The Indians around here are going to be angry with you." Shoot, I figure that my fellow tribal members are going to torture me.""

The boy left the reservation because he knew he would get a new and better life if he did. Even if it includes leaving his best friend. 

Character development

The main character in the book developed from a boy that was afraid, weird and different, to a boy that stood up for himself and his loved ones, a boy that could be himself. The reason why he managed to become another person was that he dared to leave everyone else behind to find a new greater life. Even his own family and his best friend disliked him at one point. There were so many loved ones in his life that he lost in this process, including his dog, sister, and the best friend of his father. Because of this, he became stronger because lost many of the things in his life that he lived for. Therefore he did not care that much about the consequences of leaving the reservation. Here is a quote where he understands what he wants to do and where he belongs. 

"I realized that I might be a lonely Indian boy, but I was not alone in my loneliness. There were millions of other Americans who had left their birthplaces in search of a dream."
The boy had gone through a tough time in his life. But he kept on going the way he knew he needed to and followed his dreams. In the end, his life turned around and ended up in his favor. Life got better and kept on going. 

My impressions of the book

After reading the book, I was surprised by the way it was written. It seems like the author wrote free and not like the classic novel style. It was written like a diary, which is what he called the book. A true diary. The style of the writing made the book easier and more fun to read. I enjoyed every chapter of the book. That is what made the book special. The way he wrote it like a diary. Including the feelings and thoughts of the main character. I expected the book to be more boring and normal, but it was great and fun to read. So I really enjoyed the book. 

Questions for the radio show

Is there a possibility that something similar could happen in the world nowadays?

How was your life in the reservation?

Why did you leave everyone?

How was life at Reardan school?

Do you feel bad for the alcoholics in the reservation?

Do you think Indians are different, if yes why?

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  1. Well done, many good points here and excellent choices of quotes.


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